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We build FinTech Products. We integrate payments, banking, lending & wealth APIs. We demonstrate FinTech APIs & SDKs use cases. We create starter kits for developers.

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The most trusted team for building FinTech Product & FinTech Use cases.

Invoice Financing, Lending & Invoice Discounting.

We have built Invoice financing & discounting use cases for Financial Institutes. This includes setting up Accounting & Financial data pipeline. We also built decision engine based on customer's credit history & repayment possibility.

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Simplified Payments

We have built Payment Rails & Payment workflows using different proviers. We have used ACH, eCheck, UPI, Credit / Debit processing based payment solutions. We have worked with companies like Plaid, Dwolla, ACHQ, Stripe, Chargebee etc.

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Account Reconcillation.

We have built Accounting & Financing use cases for API & Infrastructure. a Universal API provider and MobileFirst jointly built a solution which can help Small & Medium businesses reconcile their accounts easily. We work with different FinTech companies to build their Industry specific use cases & demos.

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We partner with forward looking FinTech Companies. Our partner companies push the envelope in innovation & security. Get in touch to learn more.

Reusable Components

We believe in the power of practicing one kick for 10,000 times (Bruce Lee). Similarly, we build reusable components which help our clients to deliver the end results easier, faster & error free.

Data Privacy

We understand Data privacy & security are most important aspects of any FinTech product. We work with amazing partners & service providers who master the art of data obfuscation & privacy.

Blockchain and Payments

We work with Corda, Polygon, Ethereum & OnFlow blockchains. Our blockchain team comes from banking & trading background.

One Team, Every Solution

We design, co-build and innovate on FinTech products.

Our team actively participate in FinTech Festival, Finnovation, API Days Conferences.

Design & Prototyping

We work with idea stage startups to create a quick Figma prototype to demonstrate the UI/UX. Our team uses amazing design templates which can be utilised for demonstrating the platform & solution.

Extended Product Team

We extend & supercharge your existing team. We work closely with Product Managers or CTOs. Our team will have project managers, Full-stack Developers, Backend Experts, API experts, FinTech Analysts, Privacy experts to QA/QC services.

Privacy & Penetration Testing

Just doing functional testing is not adequate. We go above & beyond in Vulnerablity assessment, Penetration Testing, Privacy testing & compliance testing. We also provide a Safety checklists for data storage.

Team Augmentation

Adding a missing clog in the well functioning machine is easy with us. We have done team augmentation for Fortune 100 companies to startups. We are able to add API experts, Front-end engineers or Mobile engineers in the span of 1 to 2 weeks period.

MVP & Proof Of Concept

Most powerful way to validate any idea is to present a working prototype of the product. We often able to release a MVP or Proof of Concept in 6 to 8 weeks time. We take care of anything & everything required from UI/UX to product deployment.

TDD & Automation

We are considered to be CTO & Product managers dream team. We sail well with Engineering managers too. Our team follows TDD approach in the product development. We often have setup CI/CD pipelines & use industry best practices. Companies have utilised our services for building their open source demos & starter kits.

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