Technology Enabled Sports Solutions

MobileFirst Application help build sports solutions for NFL, NHL, MLB & Combat Sports players & coaches to train and perform better.


Here are some of the best recognitions

Combat Academy

The premier platform for tracking, coaching and sharing combat sports activities. A complete community for martial artists, coaches and fans. Sports like Wrestling, Judo, or even Karate. Registered in Singapore & operating from Texas, USA.


MobileFirst is consulting Global Aptitude on numerous solutions from past 4 Years. GamePlan App is now part of the global leader in sports technology. They are registered in Baltimore, USA .

Fantasy Sports Solutions

Whitelist solution for building Fantasy League Mobile apps, Sports Competition apps for iOS & Android. Solution for cricket, soccer & American football leagues.

Screenshot of application

Mobile App Sports Solutions built & supported by MobileFirst

Solutions from NFL, NHL teams to Independent Combat Sports Trainer

  • iPad app based solution for coaches & players strategy & communication

  • iPhone solution for Sports event tracking

  • Android solution for coaches & players to track upcoming events

  • iPhone & Android solution for Combat Sports Platform

  • ReactJS based Web App solution for Combat Sports Platform

  • Sports Talent Tracking Web Application for Country wide rollout

  • macOS Solution for Video compression & video merging solution

  • iPad based solution for AVPlayer, AVFoundation to merge multi angel videos

  • Server FFMPEG Solutions for Video compression & decompression

  • PDF Reading, Editing, Parsing, Custom events on iPad App

  • Deep Linking,, Universal Links & Firebase Integration for Sports Apps

  • Fantasy League Sports Apps for Soccer, Cricket for iOS & Android